So Here Is What’s Up

Kathy and I are retiring from our jobs and going on an adventure. We plan to ride our bikes around the lower 48 states for about 16 months. We’ll hit the road in May when we get a 2-3 day stretch of good weather because nobody wants to start out in the rain. The rough plan is to wander across the northern part of the country and end of in Maine in September. Then travel down the Atlantic coast arriving at Key West in December. From there we wander across the south to San Diego, arriving some time in March. The penultimate leg takes us on a wildly roundabout path to Chicago. From there we take a train to Klamath Falls, Oregon. The last leg takes us from Crater Lake up to the Olympic Peninsula and then across our home state and back to Spokane.

Along the way we will visit state and national parks, friends and family, and meet all kinds of great people. We’ll camp, make us of when we can, and–Kathy insisted–stay in a hotel/motel at least twice a week.


Like I said, that’s the rough plan. No doubt the weather, life events, etc., will change things up for us, which is to be expected. We already have one. In November, our son Josh is getting married so we’ll happily return home for that.


During our travels, Kathy and I will be posting entries here, giving our individual perspectives on our experiences. We’re looking forward to having a great adventure together. – Hank


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